Step One:

• We don't do contracts! Campaigns last for as long as you want. Our goal is a long term partnership once we prove SEO is a valuable channel.

• Payments are made each month and that's when we begin work

• You get bi-weekly meetings to check in on results as well as all of our SEO efforts

• SEO takes time but we have proven to see significant results in 2-3 months

Step Two:

• We will run monthly health audits

• Execute necessary fixes on your website (SEO is only successful if the foundation is solid)

• We have a complete On-site SEO strategy we execute monthly. This includes website copy & META Data

Step Three:
Competitor Analysis

• We check out your competition and do what they do, but make it better!

• Audit your top competitors

• Discover what keywords and content helps them to rank

•  Do what the competitor is doing... but better and steal the traffic from them.

Step Four:

• Content is king to Google!

• We use keyword research for our content strategy and use that research to boost your on-page/website copy as well as to produce new blog article content for your website.

• All content that we provide is yours to keep. Forever!

Step Five:

• We build quality backlinks!

• Executing mass outreach to initiate the acquisition process.

• Providing top-notch content to accompany the backlink.

• We Report on link opportunities and all backlinks successfully built.

Step Six:
Press Releases

•  We will release press releases on your behalf. Syndicated on over 200 news and media websites

Step Seven:

•  Full transparent reporting through our bi-weekly calls as well as dedicated documents where we keep a record of all investments (backlinks, content etc) as well as stats on how the website is performing

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What is the value of SEO?
SEO is an extremely valuable investment. If you rank for a keyword that costs $5 per click in AdWords (there's no cost per click with SEO) and it brings 100 visitors to your website each month. The value of ranking for just that one keyword would be worth $500. Unlike the adwords, you can ramp up the number of keywords for your website by the thousands! Without paying for a ranking that goes away when you stop paying.
How does the process work?
The process is easy! We do all the work for you, you sit back, relax and enjoy rankings.

First, we will schedule a kick off to become more aligned with your business needs and history. We don't do one size fits all. We want YOU to succeed. This means we have to be personally invested in the wants, needs and goals of your business.

Next we run a site audit. Take a look at how the website is functioning and what needs to be improved immediately and make those changes for you.

Then we research the keywords that will be the most effective for you and then come up with a plan to win all of those terms.

We build citations. We build links. We update the meta data on your website per your package.

We write the content for you that is going to be the key to our success and how we win those keywords that we need to win.

Best yet, we meet every two weeks to give you a full and transparent breakdown of everything we are doing to win.
How long will it take to get results?
This honestly depends on a ton of factors. How long has your website been around? Where do you currently rank? How aggressive was the your SEO strategy in the past? What is your websites health and speed? Tons of factors. HOWEVER. No matter the case we are confident that you will see significant results in 5-6 months. We have tools and resources that we can tap into to make the process even faster! Seeing results in less than 3 months. It all comes down to the strategy.
What happens if I stop SEO?
YOU OWN EVERYTHING WE DO! SEO is not like running ads where if you stop paying your rankings go away instantly. If you stop working with us we will not remove or undo anything that we have completed on your site.

However, we advise against stopping SEO even if you have top rankings on Google. Stopping is very similar to stopping a daily workout. You will still be strong for a while but eventually, you will lose your strength.
What is the purpose of the blogs?
We use the blogs to build quality content, build links and to grow your website. Content is king and the bigger your website and more quality content that you have, the easier it is to rank for the harder to own keywords.

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