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Technical SEO Makes Up Your Websites Foundation

Do you own a small business and are looking for SEO? If so, we're here to help.

At RAD Web Solutions, we specialize in all aspects of Tempe SEO. While you'll hear many people talk about the need to create "high-quality content for users" as the foundation of search optimization, this isn't the full picture. The technical side of SEO is the foundation of your success. How your website communicates with the search engines is what gets all that quality content in front of your customer's eyes in the first place. "If you build it, they will come." does not apply to Google. 

Technical SEO refers to website optimizations that help your website become more easily accessible and easy to understand for web crawlers. Technical SEO will help your Tempe company to rank better in search engines. 

If you want to have your website rank higher on Google and other search engines, digital marketing specialists like us will help you. The first thing we do is look at what opportunities will make your website rank better, and then we give it what it needs to make it stand out amongst your competitor's websites. We also provide quality content and enhance it through various methods to give it a unique and enhanced look. Finally, we'll work with you to optimize the specific technical SEO factors your industry needs — ensuring that your Arizona business will beat the rest!

Suppose you're looking for improvements in your search engine optimization. In that case, it's important to consider the two most important aspects of technical SEO.

Content optimization is about attracting search engines by writing content that they will recognize and rank favorably. 

Meta optimization is about making sure your website appears in SERPs using keywords related to the content on the website.

Everything Starts With the Keyword Research

If you are a business owner and are looking for Tempe SEO, keyword research is one of the most crucial parts. You need to go beyond the obvious terms in your market. Targeting any keywords that will bring in potential customers who have problems that your website can solve. Most owners and SEO companies fail to do this or dive deep enough into it during a project.

There are two keyword research methods for SEO companies. The first is traditional keyword research, which takes seed keywords to create a larger list of related search terms. These should be used to qualify, prioritize, and structure posts/pages on your site based on search volumes. This strategy can work well but requires some experience in the market and a lot of guesswork.

Then there is competitor keyword research. This strategy lets you reverse engineer the keywords already driving your competitor's traffic, providing you with a cheat code to easily see where you fall short and find important holes in your marketing plan.


Backlinks are links from external sites which link to your website. If you are a Tempe business owner, you should be interested in acquiring backlinks to your site to increase the authority and traffic of your website. This is especially true if your company is new in the market. However, this means that time and energy will be needed for this type of marketing strategy. Lucky for you, we can handle all of it for you!

Searching for "SEO Company Tempe" can be daunting, but it doesn't have to be. A thousand websites will promise you the world and then disappear like smoke in the wind. The truth is that its hard work and reputation that will make or break everything. So it's important to do the research and find the right company; don't just take anyone's advice about SEO.


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